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It Was A Very Good Year

For us, every new year offers lots of reasons to celebrate – and you might have noticed that we kind of like to celebrate! After all, our company’s motto is “celebrate your smile” and we get to do that 24/7/365.

In 2018 we celebrated some pretty cool milestones. In July, we commemorated 15 years in practice for Dr. Carlson. That means he has created thousands of amazing smiles all while keeping up with the latest technologies.

This past year we added in-house 3D printing and digital intra-oral scanners. So we no longer need to take goopy, messy impressions. To make a model of your smile and your bite – we start by doing a simple scan to create a detailed digital map of your teeth. Then, we use that digital model with our 3D printer to make a model of your teeth or create retainers and other orthodontic appliances. We used to have to send all that off to the lab and that meant waiting longer to get what you need, but not anymore.

As we move into 2019, we hope you know we’ll be thinking of you…and all the ways we can make you smile in the new year.