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Phase 1 Treatment

While there is no wrong age for orthodontic treatment, we believe that the best time to have your child evaluated is between the ages of 7 and 9. At this age, the first permanent teeth (molars) have usually come in and issues with the bite, such as cross-bite, crowding and other problems can be evaluated for braces. In some instances, we will recommend early interceptive treatment to address things that, left for a later time, would take more invasive measures. In many cases, our orthodontists will recommend waiting until the child's permanent teeth are all in, around age 12.
There is no cost for this early evaluation and we’ll even set up periodic exams, and include any photographs or digital x-rays needed to monitor your child’s growth and make sure treatment, if needed, starts at the optimum age. We also use these years to help start your child off on a lifetime of good dental health by making trips to our office fun. They can even earn rewards for good dental hygiene. If you have children between 7 and 9 years of age, set up a free consultation today by calling or chatting with us.

Treatment for Teens & Adults

Options for teens and adults have never been better. At Carlson Orthodontics we offer the SureSmile® system, the Invisalign® System, Invisalign® Teen, and Clear Braces for patients looking for discreet treatment options.

Retainer Guarantee™

After treatment, we recommend regular retainer wear “Nighttime For Lifetime". We proudly offer a Retainer Guarantee™ program as part of our All-Inclusive, Custom Treatment Plans, so you have peace of mind when you're stuck needing a last-minute replacement retainer. Past and new patients may all enroll in Retainer Guarantee™: all you have to do is ask!
Retainer Guarantee™
Protect The Smile You've Worked So Hard To Get!
we recommend regular retainer wear
"nighttime for a lifetime"
Pet Chews On It
Accidentally Thrown Out
Worn Out
Each set of retainers costs $452
If replaced 1x per year for 10 years = $4,520
- Or with Retainer Guarantee™ -
$880 one-time enrollment fee
$20 copay each retainer
Flexible financing available


Carlson Orthodontics is the only practice to offer SureSmile® treatment in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. It's just one of the ways we live out our commitment to make your experience the best it can be.

SureSmile® is a great option for children, teens and adults because everyone gets a beautiful smile - and they get it up to 50% faster than with other options.

Plus enjoy these other benefits:
  • fewer office visits
  • more comfortable (smoother) tooth movement
  • precise movement for beautiful results

Same-Day Braces

We know how busy you are, and we value your time. That's why we've introduced same-day convenience to our patients:

If our doctors determine you or your child are ready to begin treatment, we always reserve time in our schedule to get you started on your braces or Invisalign® journey the very same day as your consultation, saving you a trip back to the orthodontic office.

Now that's worth celebrating!

Invisalign® Treatment from Carlson Orthodontics for Straight Teeth Without Braces

With the Invisalign® System, we can give teens and adults a beautiful smile without braces. Invisalign® is a great choice for anyone who wants to straighten their teeth without having to change what they eat or how they look during treatment. Sure - lots of doctors say they "do" Invisalign®, but it's important to remember that while Invisalign® is a great tool - it's still the experience of the person using the tool that makes it work. Our doctors are orthodontic specialists and Invisalign® Preferred Providers, so you can rest assured they’re a great choice to provide this amazing treatment.

Impressionless Treatment

iTero is the world’s leading edge intraoral digital camera, and we proudly share this technology with our patients. We use iTero scanning technology to create 3D, digital models of your teeth, which can be used in clear aligner treatment planning, creating custom palatal expanders with our 3D printer, and retainers. This ergonomic scanner allows us to comfortably get a high resolution scan in less than 7 minutes.
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