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Orthodontic Health Month

At Carlson Orthodontics we think about smiles 24/7/365. In other words, we spend all our time thinking about helping people love their smiles but this month is special. October is National Orthodontic Health Month so we wanted to remind you that orthodontics is a team sport – and you’re on the team.

At many homes (including ours) more candy gets consumed during the month of October than the whole rest of the year so it’s a great time to think about all of the ways patients, parents and our team work together to inspire a lifetime of excellent oral hygiene. The habits patients form while wearing braces can make a huge difference the day the braces come off, but whether you’re in braces, clear aligners or already sporting a healthy, confident Carlson Orthodontics smile, take a little extra time this month to take care of your teeth.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends avoiding hard candies, sticky/chewy candies and snacks if you’re wearing braces. Parents – this means helping your kids avoid them as well. You can find more information on oral care on the FAQs page of our website. Hopefully, these tips will help you have a happy, healthy Halloween.