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We Do It For You

We recently returned from a trip to the American Orthodontics facility in Sheboygan.  Whenever we have a business related trip, we always come back energized and anxious to apply some of our learning to our practice.

Over the years, I’ve gone to hundreds of meetings and events and I am often asked, “why do you go; what more is there to learn?” The answer is simple. The field of orthodontics is forever advancing, both from a technology standpoint and in terms of the advances in knowledge of human biology. It’s important that we stay current with what’s available and be able to provide those techniques that will enhance our patients’ treatment.

Our goal at Carlson Orthodontics is to always provide you with the best treatment and experience available. We go to these meetings to provide you with that. And we also go to some meetings to learn how to better relate, communicate and motivate our patients. We’re in this together; orthodontics is a partnership between patients and the practice. Your participation in your orthodontic care ensures your success.

Celebrating your smile,

Dr. Carlson